Comic 26 - My Dad's Diary
18th Oct 2018, 1:49 PM
My Dad's Diary
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I watched the new show Maniac on Netflix. It was pretty good. Man, the guy who reviewed it on AV Club sucked though. He really missed nearly every pertinent detail. He was like "uhhh what was this episode about?" He was like "duhhhh I don't think this was very earned." I didn't even think the show was like spectacular or anything, I think I just liked it even more out of spite for his dramatically bad misreads. I went into his other post history on AV Club and it was all like reviews of cartoons for children that adults watch even though they're for children. Even as a fan of that genre it is not difficult to imagine him having difficulty comprehending basic storytelling in a form longer than 11 minutes. This is the thesis of my doctorate paper on how shitty this reviewer is.